Yet Another Form of Art

As I am still on the subject of different forms of art, I should bring up music. Music is a huge part of our society these days. Everyone has a favorite artist or song; I mean who doesn’t!? It shapes our social media, the economy, and sometimes even our actions. Rap is definitely very popular, supported by the iTunes Top Ten list. Pop and Hip Hop are also huge in the industry, along with dance beats such as Electronic and Dubstep. Yet I’ve always found artists in the Alternative genre appeal to a much wider crowd. Not new to Alternative, yet what I have called a genre-less band, is Coldplay.

Coldplay has always been a band of many genres. They’ve been called Rock, Pop, and Alternative. Their albums have always been what I consider art. And their new Mylo Xyloto, which came out October 24th, is no exception. Using more synths and beats, this album has its own unique style. The songs also take full advantage of guitar. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I am no music expert, but let me tell you this: You do not want to pass this album up! Get it on iTunes for $9.99. Also, their old albums (Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, and Viva la Vida or Death and All of His Friends) are on sale for $6.99 each at the iTunes store.

If you are a Coldplay fan, buy this. But then again if you are a fan you probably already have. If you are new to Coldplay, or have never even heard of them, you should definitely get this, along with their older albums too. Each is remarkable.

Happy Coldplaying-

The Raven 🙂


A Different Kind of Art

I know that video games may not be considered “art” by many, but one can’t look at the graphics of EA’s new Battlefield 3 and not be amazed at the art in this game.

As a video game addict, I can tell you that this FPS has quite amazing graphics. The textures are wonderful, and the lighting is brilliant. Movements are smooth, and the people are very realistic. The sound alone is wonderful, almost to the point where it’s so real it’s scary! Other little details give it that extra oomph, like the slow chipping away of cover, and the recoil of weapons.

This game marks a historic point in the video game industry. These games are getting to the point where the line between reality and the virtual world is almost indistinguishable. Now, how good the reviews are of this game will decide if it will beat out its closest rival, Call of Duty MW3, which comes out November 8th.

Another game with beautiful graphics: Gran Turismo 5. The graphics and reflections are amazing; and the handling, specs, and even sound of each specific car is true.

Again, these video games are making a mark on not only the gaming market, but also the world of art and digital graphics.

Happy Sketching errr… I mean Gaming-

The Raven 🙂

ps: Happy Halloween!

Drawing Upside Down

I guess since this is the first post, we should start with something simple: drawing upside down.

It’s simple enough; just draw what you see in a picture. You don’t need to worry about your preconceived ideas about what a subject should look like. Rather, you are focusing on the shapes and lines and curves of this “thing.” This is one of the easiest ways to make something look real if you are not an experienced artist. Using a grid will help with placement. Think about this the next time you want to sketch something you are unfamiliar with.

Happy Sketching–

The Raven 🙂